The Issues

What is happening to the America we know and love is totally unacceptable!
Runaway Inflation
Outrageous Federal Deficits
High Interest Rates
Anti American Critical Race Theory 
Government Attack on Rights to Bear Arms
Soaring Crime Rates
Lack of Respect for Human Life
Lack Of Representation From Elected Officials
Free Speech Restrictions
Weak Foreign Policy
No Border Control
Government Overreach
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My Platform

  • We must cut government spending if inflation is to be controlled. 
  • Our deficit is almost $31 Trillion, which is more than $242,500 per tax payer. 
  • Orderly immigration is a must if we are to keep our country.
  • Government overreach such as mandates, infringes upon our constitutional rights.
  • A strong and ready military is necessary in these turbulent times. 
  • I will defend the right to life.

The Incumbent

  • Shows no respect for conservative constituents, referring to them as "Wacko Birds" as reported on Oct 29, 2021.  
  • Said she wanted to censure then President Trump and blamed him for the Jan 6 protest, which she called 1000 times worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  
  • Voted with Democrats to pass HR550, which allows the States and Federal Government to access and store our personal Covid data
  • Has never held an in-person town hall meeting, despite being an elected representative for 10 years.

Tony Salvatore for Congress

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Wildwood, MO 63005